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But his discoveries remained in the archives of the museum (now called the Brussels Institute of Natural Sciences) for more than a century.

Indirect mate choice can be witnessed in fishing spiders , Dolomedes fimbriatus , where females do not discriminate against smaller body size, attacking males of all sizes. Females had lower success rates cannibalizing large males, which managed to escape where smaller males could not. [4] It was shown that males with desirable traits (large body size, high aggression, and long courtship dances ) had longer copulation duration than males with undesirable traits. [22] [30] In A. keyserlingi and Nephila edulis females allow longer copulation duration and a second copulation for smaller males. [31] The gravity hypothesis suggests that some species of spiders may favor smaller body sizes because it enables them to climb up plants more efficiently and find a mate faster. [32] Also smaller males may be favored because they hatch and mature faster, giving them a direct advantage in finding and mating with a female. [33] In Latrodectus revivensis females tend to limit copulation duration for small males and deny them a second copulation, showing preference for larger body size. [30] Another form of mate choice is the genetic bet-hedging hypothesis in which a female consumes males to prevent them from exploiting her. [34] It is not beneficial for a female exploited by multiple males because it may result in prey theft, reduction in web, and reduced time of foraging. [35] Sexual cannibalism might have promoted the evolution of some behavioral and morphological traits exhibited by spiders today. [30]

Animal Cannibals - Fehéren Fekete – Feketén FehérAnimal Cannibals - Fehéren Fekete – Feketén FehérAnimal Cannibals - Fehéren Fekete – Feketén FehérAnimal Cannibals - Fehéren Fekete – Feketén Fehér