Recoil - liquid / unsound methods - Kalium - Homeopathy

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What is not well known is that unless the situation is non-standard, antimatter is not a power source. It is an energy transport mechanism . Let me explain.

Well, sells them to the highest bidder more likely, the bastard, she rages to herself. That will certainly put a dent in her professional career. She can just imagine delivering a lecture on Mayan Antiquities, with the entire audience sniggering loudly. An image comes to her, of standing in front of a lecture hall, attempting to ignore the leers of her students, only to turn to the projector screen to find that some bright spark has managed to hack her laptop and insert a photo of her, naked and orgasming atop the lingam, into her lecture foils.  The thought makes her cringe. Yet none of this has any effect - her body goes right on being desperately heated and aching for orgasm. The feeling is so intense; it is hard to tell if it is fading at all. Or even, she admits bitterly to herself, growing a little stronger as she thinks of the public humiliation she may have to face. No! It can't be! How could that horrible thought make her _more_ aroused?

Recoil - Liquid / Unsound MethodsRecoil - Liquid / Unsound MethodsRecoil - Liquid / Unsound MethodsRecoil - Liquid / Unsound Methods